Christmas Season

Many people think that christmas is about the presents, or making sure your kids have EVERYTHING they wanted, but complain about how kids don’t have values. Christmas from Dec1.-25th is all about making long last memories and teach them about Value. There are many kids who don’t even have family on Christmas.. or can eat on christmas. The Christmas Season isn’t just about the fabrication of  Man in a Red Suit, but the princple of giving back. Teaching young people the value of FAMILY and LOVE. The day Jesus was born… reguardless what Religion you beleive in. It is Family time. Some family only gather on this particular day and as unfortunate as that is, it is better then not seeing your family ever.  This Christmas Season Give a Little Love to those who barely get it!

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Its officially been 16 years that I’ve been a resident of Oklahoma! I’ve lived here since I was nine years old! I am very thankful for the people I have came across, the heartbreaks that I recieved and caused they all created the young woman I am today! I am thankful for my family and the friends that I have now .. that have never been flip floppy. Today people around the world are fighting for their lives, their freedom, or simply fighting to get something to eat. Today is not the ONLY day to be THANKFUL…I want to thank GOD for making me an amazing person! With everything going on in the world. Police Brutality, People killing others due to whatever Reason, Life is Worth living! Make a change in someones life today!  Happy Thanksgiving from My family to yours!


26 Days of being Thankgiving

Nov. 6

I am thankful for having the ability to be a good person! as hard as it is.. and as many times I have been disrespected, cheated on, degraded, called out my name, and bullied it has not changed who I am as a person. I am still ear to ear smiling Tamara Michele, who is always willing to give before giving to her self. Same person who helps those who have done me wrong. The same one who see the Good you no matter what … I am greatful being have to forgive and still Love as hard as I do. The will power of being Good is easier then the conviction of being a Terrible Person… So when You are doing me wrong .. just remember I am a Loyal and Lovable person…

26 Days Of Being Thankful

Nov. 4

I am thankful for… my nieces nephews,cousins,aunts and uncles and grandparents! There is truly too many of y’all to tag or name but I love you all. Thankful for you all..very proud to call y’all family…

Nov. 5
I am thankful for every one who said I wouldn’t be nothing and those who do not believe in me. This is family friends and frenimies ..because of you I was forced to make a change. You have me the inspiration and determination to be better. To protective of myself and to prove you wrong. I know my worth as a person. I learned that you have no power over my life…and that I am super supportive of myself. Thank you for every single one who’s hurt me ,doubted me and said I wouldn’t be anything… this little black cat is doing big things