BeYouTiful:Your Inner Gemstone


Favorite Gem: PEARL
Reason: it’s a gem that is often over looked and unappreciated. It takes years for a pearl to form into something beautiful and ready for its place in the jewelry world. It’s imperfections are beautiful even if it’s flawed more then a Diamond. I believe that I am more inspired by a lifetime of a Pearl because it hits close to home. A pearl is rubbed and irritated but everything around it until it is ready. I am pretty damn confident of myself now then I was a few years ago. I still have a lot of flaws that need major work.. But the person I’m ment to be I will be no matter what. Pearls are beautiful in their own way with all their imperfections as I am . It’s my birthstone as well. You have the diamonds doesn’t mean my worth went down.. Just means I rather not over shine when I have a simple classy way of living a life I love smile emoticon ‪#‎pearls‬ ‪#‎teal‬ ‪#‎black‬‪#‎selflove‬ #5716 ‪#‎mxdbreed‬

March 2016

I can’t believe that is already March! it was just January 2016! OMG!!! I am not ready to be 26 yet!! There is so much I need to handle before June 1 2016, I kid you not.  It’s so many exciting things that I have planned for my Blog, life and other area in my life for this month.

My monthly expectations for March to be honest is to actually get things DONE that need to be dont like YESTERDAY! I am really bad at putting things off and need to work on that. I am trying to be a very great professional business woman and can’t be doing things like that. I am working on getting all my Graphic Design essentials taken care of so I will not have to worry about much in that area. I am currently considering going to cosmetology school to learn hair , nails and make-up for a T because they are all areas I would love to be great at. I would love to be more active on Youtube and my blog. If there is any suggestions or people who would like to collaborate on a video, or topic please feel free to comment below. I want to make sure my life is ready at all times, which is impossible in the same sentence. I do need to get another job, other then the Graphics for more income as well as to be able to get things I need and not wait til people decide to pay.

I want to become more emotionally stable where things that people say or do no longer has an affect on me. No matter who they are. I want to be able to see through the sweet lies that people allow escape from their mouths and not be affected by them. I want to be more of a inspiration and empowerment for younger women such as my self if not younger. March is the month were the Love, and friendships will bloom like the flowers in may. I want to be more then I was in February and be ready for April.

upcoming things for this month

  Southwest Grave Diggers Semi Pro Football Season Officially starts on March 12th! I am super excited, the players and staff have been really putting in alot of time and effort into this team so it will be very nice to see the outcome of this awesome start of the season! Please see under the Sportsaddict tab for more information about the football teams Gametimeenforcersflyer.png


I have recently entered a contest for creating the Dallas Mavericks New Basketball Court. It was brought to my attention and without a doubt I entered. I will not say that I hope I win because there are a lot of entries that are very nice. I hope mine is atleast considered as a entry. Starting March 18- 25th voting for the images or best court will start. The way to find these images is to look on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram under the #MavsNewCourt for the images to appear and the image with the most likes will win Two Tickets Season Tickets. Here are my entries  they are locted on Facebook (mxdbreedgraphix facebook page) Twitter @iTizzeybreed and Instagram @mxdbreedgraphix.mavsnewcourt4mavsnewcourt3mavsnewcourt2mavsnewcourt





BeYouTiful Love Yourself First

 Self-confidence has been my biggest overcoming achievement that I am still perfecting til this day. When I was little I used to be called ugly and picked on.I was never told that I was beautiful by my parents, at least not often. When I was in High school  when,I got my first boyfriend, and we broke up on christmas eve, he ended up going out with a the girl that was two years younger then me, since then it was like maybe I wasn’t pretty enough. I was never the “it”girl. I always did things to make people like me, never knowing if they were really my friends. When I got into the 8th-9th grade I got into this phase,where I would cut my wrist,and strave myself because I just felt really ugly and useless. My self-esteem was very low. My mom and I were nowhere as close as we are now,but it got to a point where my mom was going to give me to DHS because she did not want me anymore. I always thought that having  a boyfriend would give me joy,and happiness,little did I know that I had to find that inside myself. I have lost friends that I have given my last to, I have been made out to be a toxic and destructive person because I was trying to protect someone I cared about dearly . I have been bullied so much,that it made me feel like I was a pointless air of life. I ment a beautiful person,who understood that I wasn’t all the way together,but that with the right guidence and love I’d become a better person.


  Self-confidence has always been my weakness,because I always placed others first, and when they got mad, I’d stress myself out because I wanted to keep them happy that I was loosing myself.  There will come a point where you will  have to choose Yourself  or unhappiness,and speaking from experince,when you choose others over you it never turns out good. I learned that the first time around. When things are not okay for you,God gives us warning signs,or you get those signs ..that make you realized that  there is Danger in the midst LISTEN!  I promise that it will save you tears and disappointment.  


I have been doing very well with self love, I often get teased because I take tons of selfies. I am a very humble person, when people tell me I’m beautiful I tend to come off uneasy, I am so used to not hearing it that.. its does not phase me. I have been called ugly my entire life, and when someone did call me beautiful, it was for their own personal gain, just to get what they wanted and leave. I struggle with understanding why I have been single for so long, yes my ways of doing things does not always make sense to others, but my intentions are never bad.  I got into make up and hair to change the way I looked or to hide the real me. Often when you hear about make-up people say ” You can transfrom yourself into anyone you want to be with make-up and clothes”. I felt like make up made me look better, and a different person. I dyed my hair since I was 13, because I wanted people to like me so bad. I am now 25 and I’ve come to realize that life is too short to be something you are not. Love yourself first, because that is all you have in the end. If you want to dye your hair, do it for youself. Loose weight because you want to feel beauiful to do so, not because someone makes you feel ugly!  Love your outside as much as your inside.


I hope that I uplifted someone who is reading this or if you know someon who is struggling with Self confidence please don’t hesitate them to my blog ! My goal is to empower and make new friends! Women need to be more kind to each other and not easily degrading each other.


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until next time

❤ Mxdbreed


BeYouTiful inside and Out


   I have been doing alot of thinking about some of the things I will be talking about here on my blog, and lately I have been doing a lot of “planner “related things, and for the longest time my first serious addiction was Panties & Make-up! I miss those addiction lol.. I will be starting a new set of posts as well as planner related but as you see on the title of the post “BeYoutiful” basically sharing stories and taking you guys on my journey of self confidence, beauty and fashion, as well as brands that I love to use or reviews on new products.It is very important for women to uplift each other no matter what race you are, or religon your maintain. I believe in supporting those who feel like there is not another person going, or been through a particular situation. I am not a very popular blogger, for I just recently got into blogging this way, as well as vlogging. I do beleive that popularity is not very important if you touch or influence one than your doing your job here on earth.



One of the most amazing and fun tins a girl could get into. It is safe, and allows you to be creative. You can transform yourself into a whole new person if you wanted to. So many amazing MUA (Make Up Artists) on YouTube and  Instagram.  I always used the basic make up, Eyeliner  since the age of 13. I had a big self confidence issue when I was younger. I just felt so ugly so I thought myself how to apply eyeliner, and it was my way of feeling beautiful to myself. Then a few years ago back in 2011, while I was browsing youtube I came across an amazing and inspiring woman who goes by  Charisma Star and just watching her tutorials and her inspirational reason why she does them is always uplifting.


 I started my Ipsy subscription  because, of Charisma had mentioned it in one of her videos. I’ve been an Ipsy glambag Subscriber for 3 years now! It is a Monthly $10 subscription , its super worth the $10, especially if your just starting out with using make-up or wanting to start up your collection. Use the Referral link and start your subscription today

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 The one thing that NO ONE can tell you is right or wrong! Your style is yours! It will constantly change throughout your journey of life. When I was in Elementary I loved the color PINK! now you will not see me in anything solid pink it has to have another color complementing it. I used to not like flip flops or shorts and now that I am getting more “girly” I am wearing them occasionally. I love seeing color combos, and what is new, I love shirts with hoods, because they just appeal to me. I love TIMBERLANDS or BROWN boots that favor them, its somethinf about them that truly just make me crave them!  Fashion can be a blessing and a curse as well, I say that because, what looks good on one person does not mean it will look fabulous on you or vice versa. I have to catch myself all the time in stores thinking a shirt is cute or a dress is cute but because I am built thicker and more curvy then others it does not always look appealing. All women go through it where you try to find that perfect piece of clothing and then we get bummed because it does not fit or it is not available in your size. That is okay! Self-Confidence is a KEY factor when it comes to shopping for clothes!

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Journey Through the Wind


Last friday my Godsister and her Mother came to visit from Germany, It was a very well needed. We celebrated my nieces 7th birthday on Halloween which was nice while it lasted, finished the day with Golden Coral *Yummy* My beautiful Sister Maren and her family come to visit as well. Super awesome Halloween Weekend!

JessieMxd< My Godsister and Me at Breakfast Before the Birthday party

  Oklahoma is known for Buffalos and the lovely Native Americans. The Wild Life Refuge is located in southwest Oklahoma on the plains where the Comanche Indians settled in. We went to the Visitor center, as well as the mountain, known as MT. Scott. My mom and GodMother were very happy to be around each other. It was a surprise that was well needed for all of us.

momwilma < My mom & GodMother of Mt.Scott

When you visit other places, historical places, and memorials. Oklahoma bombing Memorial is one of the places I reccomend you go see before you Life is over. Its very moving, and if you have the chance go through the entire musuem and live the reacting of that day for yourself. Watching my mom and Godmother sit on the steps just made me realize that friendship can last, no matter what you go through or how far you are. My GodSister will always be dear to me because she was my childhood friend. We like similar things, but grew up differently. They Both enjoyed this memorial very much(Video & pictures on my Instagram mxdbreed_580). After the Memorial we traveled to the Oklahoma Historical Museem where we actually walked through the entire thing, then we ate at the Chessecake Factory and enjoyed a few minutes of retail Therapy at the Penn Square Mall In Oklahoma City.

12066021_1483293851973860_8966202659159952170_n  < Walking from the Memorial mxdjesse< Godsister and I infront of a Statue at the Oklahoma Historical Museum

We went to the amazing The Chislom Trail Museum,Where we learned about the cattle drives and why the trail was named Chislom. As well as the  Chicksaw Cultural Center. I’ve lived in Oklahoma for 15 years and always wanted to go there. It was something we all went to see for the first time.

mom Godmothersister MomWilma2 12115896_1483932955243283_8088419825674889065_n

The past week was like a flashback to before I lived in the U.S. Being around people I loved to see on every other monthly basis. I was so honored and blessed to be around these amazing people. We haven’t each other in 16 years and it was just a reminder that no matter how far you live or how long apart you stay.. once reunited if its real nothing will change.  The Journey of the Wind allowed me to be around my Family and it was very fun and great!

26 Days of being Thankgiving

Nov. 6

I am thankful for having the ability to be a good person! as hard as it is.. and as many times I have been disrespected, cheated on, degraded, called out my name, and bullied it has not changed who I am as a person. I am still ear to ear smiling Tamara Michele, who is always willing to give before giving to her self. Same person who helps those who have done me wrong. The same one who see the Good you no matter what … I am greatful being have to forgive and still Love as hard as I do. The will power of being Good is easier then the conviction of being a Terrible Person… So when You are doing me wrong .. just remember I am a Loyal and Lovable person…

26 Days of Being Thankful

Nov.3.. I am thankful for me!
Why YOU ask? Because I used to hate me…I used to think I wasn’t good enough to be loved, to live or to be great … I came from a dark place where would allow people to hurt me cause I didn’t want to be alone… I was bullied by those I thought loved me…to where I attempted to take my own life…I witnessed fake ads Christian’s tell me they love me and in the same breathe wish death upon me in every syllable of the phrase..where I silt my wrist. I hate myself because I wanted to fit..
I love me!I am grateful for what I went through to be able to love me. I can’t give love not loving me first. I am grateful for being able to understand how valuable my life is to Me! Yes I go through struggle what my crush never noticed new…I love me and everything I am and have become and I am happy if I am the only one who does…