Mommy’s a Planner Girl!

When I first started planning my mom would always get onto me that I had too many Stickers, and washi tape and I did not need another planner. I always explained to her how it helped my make my life easy to cope with, as well as being more organized with things I needed to do . I always told her, one day you are going to be a planner girl too! She always said “No I do not think so!”img_4459

My mother and I went to a planner meet on October 9th, 2016, at 2 in Duncan Oklahoma. It was our first one together, and she had an amazing time. She won a a Day Designer Planner, a Adult coloring Journal and made a group of friends.


As my mother being a Planner newbie , the Day Designer was very complicated to understand, so we went to the Hobby Lobby ,and got her a Mambi Happy Planner. She enjoys it and still new to it but, but its good and very easy for her to use.


Hello Life is her planner! She picked it out!  I am thankful that she wanted to give it a try, she just seemed so down most of the time and I wanted to give her something that she would enjoy and help her smile. Its a great way to make memories and remember years from now.  Another thing we share and do together.


SWOKPS- Meet up 10/9/16


   After being in New York and experiencing planner girl obsessions which I loved very much, I was on a search to be apart of a Planner group in Oklahoma  on facebook. I came across Oklahoma Planner addicts on facebook, and then a lovely Lady by the name Jackie, introduced me to the lovely ladies of SWOKPS .


 My mom, my friend Erika and I were invited  to be apart of this amazing group. The Planner Meetup  which was held on Oct.9th,2016 was very laid back and fun. It was so great to be around wise women and to share what I love to do with my mom. I was super excited to find this group because,not only are they cool women , they all are creative and super sweet.


My mom had a wonderful time, and it was surprising to me, because she always told me that I was crazy, and had enough planners and stickers and now she is one too. She won a prize and received a New Day Designer Planner ,her face lit up with joy.


 ^ The Infamous planner stack!^

Anyone in the Southwestern part of Oklahoma who is a planner girl and needs a group to be apart of , please consider SWOKPS because, they welcomed us with open arms and I am proud to be a SWOKPS member 😀

IG: @swokps

Whats a planner meet up without a Swag Bag? Our first meet here in oklahoma as a family and my mom received everything below as well as the Planner and the Create Journal and pencilsIMG_4432.JPG



Journey Through the Wind


Last friday my Godsister and her Mother came to visit from Germany, It was a very well needed. We celebrated my nieces 7th birthday on Halloween which was nice while it lasted, finished the day with Golden Coral *Yummy* My beautiful Sister Maren and her family come to visit as well. Super awesome Halloween Weekend!

JessieMxd< My Godsister and Me at Breakfast Before the Birthday party

  Oklahoma is known for Buffalos and the lovely Native Americans. The Wild Life Refuge is located in southwest Oklahoma on the plains where the Comanche Indians settled in. We went to the Visitor center, as well as the mountain, known as MT. Scott. My mom and GodMother were very happy to be around each other. It was a surprise that was well needed for all of us.

momwilma < My mom & GodMother of Mt.Scott

When you visit other places, historical places, and memorials. Oklahoma bombing Memorial is one of the places I reccomend you go see before you Life is over. Its very moving, and if you have the chance go through the entire musuem and live the reacting of that day for yourself. Watching my mom and Godmother sit on the steps just made me realize that friendship can last, no matter what you go through or how far you are. My GodSister will always be dear to me because she was my childhood friend. We like similar things, but grew up differently. They Both enjoyed this memorial very much(Video & pictures on my Instagram mxdbreed_580). After the Memorial we traveled to the Oklahoma Historical Museem where we actually walked through the entire thing, then we ate at the Chessecake Factory and enjoyed a few minutes of retail Therapy at the Penn Square Mall In Oklahoma City.

12066021_1483293851973860_8966202659159952170_n  < Walking from the Memorial mxdjesse< Godsister and I infront of a Statue at the Oklahoma Historical Museum

We went to the amazing The Chislom Trail Museum,Where we learned about the cattle drives and why the trail was named Chislom. As well as the  Chicksaw Cultural Center. I’ve lived in Oklahoma for 15 years and always wanted to go there. It was something we all went to see for the first time.

mom Godmothersister MomWilma2 12115896_1483932955243283_8088419825674889065_n

The past week was like a flashback to before I lived in the U.S. Being around people I loved to see on every other monthly basis. I was so honored and blessed to be around these amazing people. We haven’t each other in 16 years and it was just a reminder that no matter how far you live or how long apart you stay.. once reunited if its real nothing will change.  The Journey of the Wind allowed me to be around my Family and it was very fun and great!