Supporting those who Support me! Part 1

Hey!!  I am sorry its been a while since I posted a blog post and i have so much to tell you guys!! I have journeyed through many communities in the world that I am very humble to share them with all of you! I will list my favorite people that I closely am active with listening to, working with, watching on Youtube.. or simply following on social media! I will link their social media and a description why I follow them and what I like about them personally! I support all kinds of people !!! This will be a blog serious of two or three posts

Music Community! 

Many of these Musical Groups are on Facebook so please LIKE their Pages which are located as you click the highlighted  link! Thank you!


Full Fledge 580

These guys are super talented and very hungry for the passions that they possess. Musicians of all kinds of Musical Genres, outstanding mentors and producers to help young artists reach full potential that they can .. simply amazing!




I am pretty sure you guys see this guy on a lot of my Social Media Outlets! He is just a really great DJ. He is musically insane! He has been one of my longest client that I have worked for as well.



Legends Lounge

A club that I have never been too because I am so not about that life! lol I am loyal to those who support me and help where I can!





Another Dj that I have known for a long while!Very talented as well!



Automatic Aka Mr.GZE

Ground Zero Ent 


Beauty is only skin deep!

A couple months ago as I was watching YouTube, I seen many tubers talking about this amazing thing called Influenster Voxbox. It a place where you give your honest opinions on products of all kinds to score points to get a voxbox. I got a small voxbox in the mail a few weeks ago and it was very nice to get.

Curèl Itch body wash which is to help with dry skin.It does not have that odd smell and its very light. It feels very nice when applying it.     Another new product from CruèI is the itch defense soothing moisturizing spray that you can use when you get out of you daily bath or shower. I’ve never truly seen a product like this before . I was very eager to use it. It was very cool to the touch. Does not have a odor of any kind.

I was not payed to write this or anything I am doing this on my free will . It’s nothing like having fresh and clean skin. Many love wearing make up and the best way to keep healthy skin from head to toe is to make you wash from head to toe!