March 2016

I can’t believe that is already March! it was just January 2016! OMG!!! I am not ready to be 26 yet!! There is so much I need to handle before June 1 2016, I kid you not.  It’s so many exciting things that I have planned for my Blog, life and other area in my life for this month.

My monthly expectations for March to be honest is to actually get things DONE that need to be dont like YESTERDAY! I am really bad at putting things off and need to work on that. I am trying to be a very great professional business woman and can’t be doing things like that. I am working on getting all my Graphic Design essentials taken care of so I will not have to worry about much in that area. I am currently considering going to cosmetology school to learn hair , nails and make-up for a T because they are all areas I would love to be great at. I would love to be more active on Youtube and my blog. If there is any suggestions or people who would like to collaborate on a video, or topic please feel free to comment below. I want to make sure my life is ready at all times, which is impossible in the same sentence. I do need to get another job, other then the Graphics for more income as well as to be able to get things I need and not wait til people decide to pay.

I want to become more emotionally stable where things that people say or do no longer has an affect on me. No matter who they are. I want to be able to see through the sweet lies that people allow escape from their mouths and not be affected by them. I want to be more of a inspiration and empowerment for younger women such as my self if not younger. March is the month were the Love, and friendships will bloom like the flowers in may. I want to be more then I was in February and be ready for April.

upcoming things for this month

  Southwest Grave Diggers Semi Pro Football Season Officially starts on March 12th! I am super excited, the players and staff have been really putting in alot of time and effort into this team so it will be very nice to see the outcome of this awesome start of the season! Please see under the Sportsaddict tab for more information about the football teams Gametimeenforcersflyer.png


I have recently entered a contest for creating the Dallas Mavericks New Basketball Court. It was brought to my attention and without a doubt I entered. I will not say that I hope I win because there are a lot of entries that are very nice. I hope mine is atleast considered as a entry. Starting March 18- 25th voting for the images or best court will start. The way to find these images is to look on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram under the #MavsNewCourt for the images to appear and the image with the most likes will win Two Tickets Season Tickets. Here are my entries  they are locted on Facebook (mxdbreedgraphix facebook page) Twitter @iTizzeybreed and Instagram @mxdbreedgraphix.mavsnewcourt4mavsnewcourt3mavsnewcourt2mavsnewcourt






It’s crazy how when I was in Junior high school I wasn’t really into football and did not understand nothing about it not didn’t want to learn! I always enjoyed the fan rival of it though talking trash and making friends because we liked the same team or did not.  I love football to the fullest it’s not soccer but it’s very competitive. 
 A few years ago back in 2012  when I was a heavy internet gamer I played a game called second life and  a really inspiring guy Mr.Horngold who was my father on this game was a football coach for the Tennessee Titans and he taught me the ins and outs of the game. Now I have always been a Cam Newton fan as well as a Panther Fan. 

 I was often listening to my older sister yelling at the Sooners at the tv on Saturdays or my dad screaming cause the Detriot Lions would throw an incomplete pass. I would just look at them like  “what in the world is wrong with you!” But not in always yelling at the screen … Lol kinda crazy. I keep up with stats and rankings of I’m not watching it on tv I’m tracking it on the ESPN app lol. 

 Now I am a honest to football trash talker when you talk down on my team! I don’t care if the panthers ain’t got rings! They play with heart in soul. They give back to their communities and are great to their fans. I love my CAROLINA PANTHERS hands down!!

My love for football,Panthers and graphic design, has inspired my dream career job and that’s being a graphic designer for the panthers and I am definetly on the right path. I have always been big on giving back to my community and so there is a team that was formed in my community and I took it upon myself and asked if I could help out. 

 I have been given the chance to work for the football team and I’m super excited. The Southwest Grave Diggers .