Mean Girls

I just finished watching a movie on Lifetime Movie Network with my mother, it was called  Double Dadddy , basically about a guy who got two girls pregnant. One of the girls was his longtime girlfriend Amanda for two years and the other one Heather, pretty much trapped him. Basically Heather was a very confused individual that was msierable and wanted to make someone elses life miserable. She tried to destroy the relationship, as well as disrespect the guys Mom (which is a NO NO).   Well this movie made me think back to when I was in High school, and how I lost a lot of friends, because I wasn’t the prettiest one, or the fact that I did not party or anything. In most cases many of the MEAN girls are the one that you were once close with… which in my case it was true. Something about Highschool or Jr. High that makes Teenage girls just so damn Mean and guys so damn rude.  I was never the “IT” girl as I call it. I was never the one that the Popular guy winked at, or any of that. I was the silly art girl who wished it was that way. I was bullied, often and the friends I did have lasted until after high school.

It gets worse as you get older as well. Grown women are worse then teenage girls. Finding a good Female friend is so hard, when you had a Bestfriend stabb you in the back, its hard to look at having a female friend the same. Many girls nowadays do not believe in the CODE.. loyalty and honesty is the most important thing. I have gotten close to people who I thought were my friends then come to realize when I made a desicion that was to better myself I was all kinda of names in the book. It always sucks when it is people that you went out your way for, or would do anything for. You always hear about stories about how High School is fun and the best years of your life.. they do not tell you how girls will be so cruel to where you don’t want to live on earth. Mean girls are bullies.

If I ever have a chance to have a daughter, she will know about Mean girls. She will know how to deal with them without being ugly. No child should be bullied for any reason, and no girl should grow up thinking she can not trust a girl. I am so happy that I have a Bestfriend , I don’t even have to talk to her every day but We have been through alot as well tryingt o defend our friendship when peopel tried to destroy it.

If you are being bullies by a Mean Girl, tell an adult, or confront her. There is nothing more pathetic then a grown woman acting like a high school chick with envious traits. Most of the times they are miserable, and they live on making other people suffer. Stand up tall and let them know they don’t have control over you nor do they dictate what or who are you. If a Friend shifts sides to keep away from being in the cross fire, the they are not your friend.  A girl who tells your business with someone who does not like you , is a snake in the grass and you should not be friends with snakes.

Be the girl that you want to find and be friends with. Real Girl Friendships are hard to find. Real Friends do not make you feel like life is better without you .