The ultimate Blessing and curse

Sometimes I wish that every time I did something out of kindness it didn’t have a negative reaction. I am 25 years old, the work industry is so hard nowadays even to get hired at a local Dollar Tree. I do amazing graphics on the side which I want to pursue all day everyday of my life. I apply and call for follow ups, and always get the same answers. I had a good job but because of safety reasons I had to let it go. If I don’t feel secure its not going to be fun for me. I know that every job will have that manager who thinks that they are better then you and talk down to you but it’s not okay. I wish that I would find something to make things better . I pray and hope that it would be a good outcome soon. I do not like to feel like I’m not worth anything or can’t bring anything to the table. I know it will get better but paitents is a virtue.