PlanWithMe:HP&ECLP Recap 12/7th-12/13th

You know its the holiday season when you forget to updates blogs, and other social medias when you have awesome Planner Girlies or friends! I am sorry girlies!! here is the recap of my layouts for the last week! Hope you enjoy and get some ideas to keep your planners pouring out with inspiration.  As always I will list the stores where I got the stickers from.


  stickers: FabilousDesigns,JujuAllOver,Mambi Stickers,MxdbreedExpressions,Xo.SimplyKish,Xo.mamaplans.ErinCondren.RoryssweetaddicitonPrintable SqauresMonicaMarvelsWashiTape: insideout WashitapIluvdesigns.Black thin washi Pens  Red,Yellow,Green,Purple and Lime PapermateFlair,Bic Pens



  Stickers:WillowfieldExclusiveKit,PlannerStickies,Xo.SimplyKish,PrettySheepy,MxdbreedExpressions,PlannerBowtique,Rory’sSweetAddictionsWashiTape:  BlueFlower ScotchtapeWashi,Black washi. Pens DarkBlue & Lt.Blue Papermate Flair.

PlanWithMe:HP&ELCP LastWeek Recap Nov30-Dec6

Well the first week of December has been chilly and very cold!❄️I guess Elsa was feeling some kind of way lol. It’s been a lot of delayed mail from the Post Office as well! All you creative beings out their I pray your 🎁packages Come to you soon. 

The first Planner Recap is from the ECLP it’s theme was Frozen which was funny cause it was cold! Thanks Elsa! I did not go see Krampus or Creed yet! I did watch The Good Dinosaur by Disney and Pixar it was a amazing movie. The Panthers dominated on Sunday it was a very close call though. 

Happy Planner this flashback to the 90s with the Lisa frank stickers. Many of my blog posts last week were not posted on timeout I am making up for it lol.  I did not catch the live board way pefromance of The Wiz and I had my opinion about that, not that who was playing in the movie was a bad choice. I just felt that when you have an irreplaceable cast do not remake those movies!

PlanWithMe:HP Nov30-Dec6

It seems like yesterday that is was January 2015 and it’s already December !!! It’s been a crazy year I will say.

The  theme for this week is Lisa Frank I am a 90s kid. I love the way it turned out. 🐶 The cute husky was just the main thing for me . I’ve been wanting a dog since the 10th grade .

Stickers  lisafrankstickerbook,MxdbreedExpressions, cappuccinodesignsco,printsbypaisely. Washitape leopardrainbow,mint purple and pink skinny tape. Pens paper mate flair