Plan With Me: A New Year


   When you only have 48 hours left of 2015 and you are doing your last reflection on what you did, what you could’ve done, and haven’t done, Then realizing even though I haven’t done what i wanted to I am still above ground breathing and willing to try harder to no make the wrong desicions again. 2015 was a eye opener for me, I’ve watched people who say they love me just show their true colors. Seen with my own eyes, how a significant other can act as a stranger and not give two damns about how it affected you. I watched how family memembers rather keep friends closer who do them wrong then family that just wants you to be okay. Ive watched how someone can be in constant confusion and always going back to their past because they hope it would change… but alreayd knowing the outcome. I’ve been victim to so much this year because I allowed it, when I should have been protecting me from all thats wrong and harmful.  I learned an awesome new trait to help my life in guiding me in a right path. I have perfected some things as well as having to tweak some other areas. I learned that I shall not give in to something that I dont feel it right no matter who wants me to do something, and if they don’t understand or like my choice then they are not ment for my life.  I watched my favorite NFL football team strive for excellence regardless who doubted them.     Beleive in YOURSELF and watch what YOU”RE capabable of.. Thank you 2015 for helping the modifications of my every extistence how I see, feel, and defend what I stand for. I love those in my life.. love those who have left. I love myself more then I used to.. and I am okay if I have to go into 2016 alone because as long as God has my back I am good.

Happy Planner   New Years Printable from  SheFullFaith her  Instagram or Facebook

Erin Condren Life Planner  New Years Eve Printable from MonicasMarvel  

PlanWithMe:HP&ELCP LastWeek Recap Nov30-Dec6

Well the first week of December has been chilly and very cold!❄️I guess Elsa was feeling some kind of way lol. It’s been a lot of delayed mail from the Post Office as well! All you creative beings out their I pray your 🎁packages Come to you soon. 

The first Planner Recap is from the ECLP it’s theme was Frozen which was funny cause it was cold! Thanks Elsa! I did not go see Krampus or Creed yet! I did watch The Good Dinosaur by Disney and Pixar it was a amazing movie. The Panthers dominated on Sunday it was a very close call though. 

Happy Planner this flashback to the 90s with the Lisa frank stickers. Many of my blog posts last week were not posted on timeout I am making up for it lol.  I did not catch the live board way pefromance of The Wiz and I had my opinion about that, not that who was playing in the movie was a bad choice. I just felt that when you have an irreplaceable cast do not remake those movies!