LetsGetFit! Chobani-Greek Yogurt Flip

A couple months ago I discovered this delicious yumminess. I buy about 2-4 of these every time I am at WalMart. They have a few different flavors but my favorite is this one. Β when I first started buying them they were about $1.00 and now they are about $1.15 still not too bad.

Yogurt is pretty good for you and if you do not like Β or want Β those same plain flavors try some of these! Let me know when you try them how you like them on my instagram πŸ™‚ @mxdbreed_580

I am not really concerned bout my weight because i am not huge in my eyes.. Β I’m not thin I am however trying to eat right and more healthy in some ways. Never change your self because of someone else . ❀