There are a TON! of Planners out there in this world, but so many people are in the middle of the most talked about planners out there today! The Erin Condren Life Planner and the MAMBI 365 Happy Planner.

They are very similar :

They both have vertical planning layouts

they both have a mission board,Monthly and Weekly setups

Dividers for each month

differences are :

EC tabs are laminated

HP tabs are not

Happy Planner is disc bound and 24.99

Erin Condren is Coil bound and starts at $49.99

 These are just a few of the difference and similarities that these two planners have. As you can see I am a Happy Planner girl!. I love this planner because, you can take the pages out which makes it easier to decorate and plan. There are so many awesome DIYS for this Planner that I am currently still learning. Only thing that makes me sad is that when you shop on Etsy for stickers, most of the shops make EC sticker kits.  There are so many people on Youtube that have “Plan With Me” videos that can be very inspiring, as well as videos on how to make your own things for your planner or what the best stores to by from are!  Glam planning is just awesome thing to do!

 Planner Buddies!

Planner buddies are the best thing to have! They are very much like penpals that send you planner goodies. They share their planner ideas and help to inspire you to become a better planner. Its always magical to share a common interest with someone else, it creates an amazing bound that many people who do not share will never understand! I currently have five! They are all New to the planner community just as I am but they are very unique and their planning styles are all different!

 Do you want to become a Planner Addict too? 

Basics of what you will need!

  1. Planner ( does not have to be a HP or an EC)
  2. Colored Pens  ( Stabilo, Paper Mate Flares, G2 Pilot0.7mm and fine tip Sharpies)
  3. Post it notes & Page flags
  4. STICKERS!!!( Darice Sticker Books or Sticko or Etsy Shops)
  5. Washi Tape!
  6. Last but not Least Creativity!  

^_- My Favorite Etsy Stores to Shop from!!

  1. PrettySheepy
  2. XoMamaPlans
  3. PlannerBowtique
  4. PlannerStickies

When Buying Stickers from Etsy shops make sure you are either following them on Instagram or on facebook many of them have codes to encouarge you to buy more and save while doing it!