Sweet Tooth : Willy Wonka Oct.3rd-9th

  Its  already 10 months into 2016!!! How crazy is that, we only have 2 months left of 2016!! YIKES!!!! It is officially my favorite time of the year besides my birthday, FALL!!!!! I went to NYC to visit my lovely big sister and nephew as some of you guys who follow me here, or on  IG know,  I am very excited to show ya’ll this weeks layout!


In the NYC Planner Addicts group on facebook that i have became apart of when i went to NYC they have a Wacky Layout challenge going on this month and the first challenge was Sweet Tooth!  I am often called Oompa Loompa and in the memory of the ORIGINAL WILLY WONKAs death it seemed fitting!


House of Slytherin


   You probably think that all slytherin students or residents are untrustworthy or messy? Well on the outside looking in it can come off that way. When you think of  Slytherin  Draco Malfoy comes to mind, the son of Lucious Malfoy who believes that muggles should not be allowed to practice or learn magic. The house of Slytherin was founded by a pure blood wizard who spoke parselmouth went by the name of Salazar Slytherin. His distrust for muggle-born wizards and witches caused a disruptance with the other founders of Hogwarts. Salazar created the concealing chamber which was home to a snake, before leaving the school. When choosing students for his house, it was based on how cunning, how much ambition and blood purity they had.  Slytherin a element is water since snakes and lochs are known as fluid and flexible creatures.

The reason behind creating or constructing the chamber of secrets was to get rid of all the muggle born students , which was in the control of Tom Riddle (also known as Lord Voldamort), which is the heir of Slytherin.

🐍Slytherin Students

⚪️Tom Marvolo Riddle

⚫️ Regulus Black

💚 Bellatrix Leatrange

⚪️ Bloody baron

⚫️Draco Malfoy

💚Lucius Malfoy

⚫️Gregory Goyle

💚Vincent Crabbe

⚪️Dolores Umbridge

⚫️Salazar Slytherin

Southwest GraveDiggers:Kids Night!!!

 Southwest Grave Diggers are at it again! We taking it back to our home field to take on the Arkansas Steelers! April 2nd,2016 at 6pm in Snyder Oklahoma!! It’s a special night as well!!! It’s Kids night!!! Plenty of awesome prizes for kids to win such as a autographed Pillow from the players!!!! You don’t want to miss out on this game! Bring the family out and support the Southwest Grave Diggers!  

Deep in thought pt2

It’s crazy when you find yourself attracted to someone is somewhat of  an illusion. The way we feel and get infatuated with their existence that we loose the true meaning of what we need because we are so excited to have someone that we try hard to keep them, wether they  are ment to be kept.  I find myself falling for those kind of illusionary  beings that sometimes make me second guess myself. Anything that makes you second guess yourself is not a good thing. I have not yet mastered the stage of not giving into being told sweet nothings and enjoying being talked to like I’m nothing … It’s not okay at all … 

Love is a beautiful thing . When you allow those words to escapes your lips and the actions you display are legit but it’s still not enough. Never allow yourself to give up on the love you want  … Just some people need more love then others but sometimes  people have to be considerate of the others feelings 

PlanWithMe:Jan4th-Jan10th ECLP Week2 Recap

It’s definetly been a very eventful week 2 to be honest. I dedicated my spread on my  ECLP to the Carolina Panthers. I have been very busy this week. I have uploaded about three videos to my YouTube channel Ikegemini. I’ve been trying to be more active on YouTube. 

  Truly loved this layout it’s definitely one of my favorite spreads. Week #2


This is the cutest clip I’ve ever bought from TheAngelShoppe


PlanWithMe:Rep Your Team

If you have me on Instagram or facebook you should know by now that I am a Obsessed Carolina Panthers Fan , as well as a Southwest Grave Digger Semi Pro Football Promoter! These two teams here have place my love for football at a top notch level. I have true faith in both teams!  Carolina Panthers have a 15-1 record ,I couldn’t me more proud of them.. hard work and team effort is what got them this far!Yes CAROLINA PANTHERS ARE IN THE PLAY OFFS! . Grave Digger camp starts on Saturday! I am Super pumped! (For more info stay tuned or check the Football tab above ).  I Dedicated both Planner Speards to both teams. I absolutely think these spreads came out really great..

PlanWith Me:Christmas Recap

  Christmas is finally OVER! all the after christmas sales are going on, as well as getting ready for the new year! Lets look back at what all happened Christmas week! Eventhough it was a very unnormal christmas because family was missing we were still all together.  Monday the 21st was kinda dry running around with family getting last minute shopping done for Christmas eve. Tuesday  two planner buddy boxes came into my mail box! WOOT WOOT thanks! Wednesday cleaned the house, got nails done with my Sister -in-Law. ChristmasEve (The day we celebrate German Tradition) enjoyed all my family memeber opened presents and enjoyed a memory that was super memorable. My Stepbrother proposed to my Sister-in -Law and it was very awesome. Christmas Day  awesome storm came and kept us close in doors.. as well as for Saturday and Sunday.

The Theme for my Erin Condren was Peace On Earth Darice Sticker Book. Used some stickers from PlannerBowtique,LoveforStickers,Kawaiiislandgurl,Xo.SimplyKish,and SweetkawaiiDesign.

Happy Planner theme was Northern Bound Darice Sticker Book. Used some Stickers from ; PrintsByPaisley,PlannerBowtique,hallmark,PlannerStickies,Kawaiiislandgurl.