As a business woman, I do believe when their are policies that are for the betterment of your business that they should be equally enforced and respected. Every member or employee should be held accountable for their actions.  As a woman who has friends or relations with others, I still hold people to be held accountable for their own actions.

I speak about this “Accountability ” because many times in life there will be times where things are required or expected to be held or respected and when they are not .. of course there are consequences. Those consequences should be the same across the board.

I’ve been dealing with some very unprofessional things at my workplace, not my personal business( due to the fact its only me) , but my 9-5 as the world calls it. There are things that have been going on, that no ones has spoken up about due to the backlash or unjustified termination that happens.  I have been praying for almost 3-4 months that something changes, unfortunately 4 amazing people that I’ve grown close to have been removed for the dumbest and unfair reasons. I strongly disagree with those in a higher position abusing their power to where things that happen outside of work become the foundation of terminating employees, and covering up the reason with work policy violation.


just a rant… ❤ stay blessed