Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

👉Its been a few days since Flounder went back to his place of residence and it seems as if its been months. Yes its been a couple of moments that I wish I was not so guarded because we all have been hurt in life. I would be lying if I said his presence and kindness was not gratefully appreciated or missed, because it highly is. Just still learning him from a different angle. My heart has recently been under construction due to my constant need for it to have a nee care taker..but they never stick around or my low tolerance for disrespect ends up causing me to be alone.👈

☝Is it wrong to have standards for the man you want to spend the rest of your life with? Should I really feel awful for wanting to be completely in love with a man before I claim him as the father of my future child(ren) or his last name💍?

I want me a man that has the heart of a lion but is a protector as well, no soft heart is not bad or wrong..but a man should learn when to have it on his sleeves and when it needs to be protected. I need him be the missing part of the foundation I want my family built on. Someone my son can look up to and know how and what it takes to be a MAN. There is nothing wrong with a man who shows his emotional side..just has to understand the values of being a Man; and what it means within himself. Acknowledging his self value. Realizing that he is the stature that his little girl will use as an expectation when finding her true love. Someone who is not to rough but not so soft that it’s questionable. Creating that everlasting security every time he is around.🔒

Many would love to be up underneath their lover and not care and by all means there is a time and place for that. My Mr. Right needs to find his purpose in something that make him who he is, not me. I need him to listen with his ears and his heart. I am a handful, but with my history in the love department ..💔I refuse to have another Mr. Right now! I want to be a priority but not the only one nor the only one that matters. Every strong man has his identity and reflects on the one he calls his…but his identity isn’t because of her. A strong man that leads his house into happiness and joy.

💗My heart yearns for that day, potential is there, and I know its not going to happen like over night.