As a business woman, I do believe when their are policies that are for the betterment of your business that they should be equally enforced and respected. Every member or employee should be held accountable for their actions.  As a woman who has friends or relations with others, I still hold people to be held accountable for their own actions.

I speak about this “Accountability ” because many times in life there will be times where things are required or expected to be held or respected and when they are not .. of course there are consequences. Those consequences should be the same across the board.

I’ve been dealing with some very unprofessional things at my workplace, not my personal business( due to the fact its only me) , but my 9-5 as the world calls it. There are things that have been going on, that no ones has spoken up about due to the backlash or unjustified termination that happens.  I have been praying for almost 3-4 months that something changes, unfortunately 4 amazing people that I’ve grown close to have been removed for the dumbest and unfair reasons. I strongly disagree with those in a higher position abusing their power to where things that happen outside of work become the foundation of terminating employees, and covering up the reason with work policy violation.


just a rant… ❤ stay blessed

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

👉Its been a few days since Flounder went back to his place of residence and it seems as if its been months. Yes its been a couple of moments that I wish I was not so guarded because we all have been hurt in life. I would be lying if I said his presence and kindness was not gratefully appreciated or missed, because it highly is. Just still learning him from a different angle. My heart has recently been under construction due to my constant need for it to have a nee care taker..but they never stick around or my low tolerance for disrespect ends up causing me to be alone.👈

☝Is it wrong to have standards for the man you want to spend the rest of your life with? Should I really feel awful for wanting to be completely in love with a man before I claim him as the father of my future child(ren) or his last name💍?

I want me a man that has the heart of a lion but is a protector as well, no soft heart is not bad or wrong..but a man should learn when to have it on his sleeves and when it needs to be protected. I need him be the missing part of the foundation I want my family built on. Someone my son can look up to and know how and what it takes to be a MAN. There is nothing wrong with a man who shows his emotional side..just has to understand the values of being a Man; and what it means within himself. Acknowledging his self value. Realizing that he is the stature that his little girl will use as an expectation when finding her true love. Someone who is not to rough but not so soft that it’s questionable. Creating that everlasting security every time he is around.🔒

Many would love to be up underneath their lover and not care and by all means there is a time and place for that. My Mr. Right needs to find his purpose in something that make him who he is, not me. I need him to listen with his ears and his heart. I am a handful, but with my history in the love department ..💔I refuse to have another Mr. Right now! I want to be a priority but not the only one nor the only one that matters. Every strong man has his identity and reflects on the one he calls his…but his identity isn’t because of her. A strong man that leads his house into happiness and joy.

💗My heart yearns for that day, potential is there, and I know its not going to happen like over night.

The Queen turned 28


imageimage  I am still trying to gather the idea that I am 28 years old, nothing really feels different age wise but, I am not the same young woman from the beginning of my 27th year. I know what I capable of as well as what kind of people I do not need in my life. I accept what was not met to be and and what is. There are many people that once were important to me that I truly have been living without for months even years. I still have a long road ahead to accomplish things that I would love to finish. I am a business owner under the age of 30! I strive to make a difference in life some way. This year as I enter my 28th year of life, I took the step to leave town for a week and celebrate my birth with a very special friend. I did not want to be cooped up in a house doing the same going out to dinner and doing nothing. We planned a trip to Orlando Florida,as you read in the previous post. On June 1st,2018, I walked the grounds of The Magic Kingdom of Disney world theme park , that entire day I felt that no one could ruin it. I was where I wanted to be. I didn’t need anything else. I was free to just enjoy the atmosphere.34160860_1816519678651274_4051164555479351296_n

imageimage I watched Minnie and Mickey dance on the balcony of the Magical castle during the Disney festival of friendship show..which was in great sight. Standing in a line for almost 45 minutes to take picture with Ariel! DSCN0497I felt as if all my worries for that entire day were gone. Spinning in the Mad Tea Party laughing and smiling from ear to ear. We stopped at the Emporium stores to grab our Free Happily Ever After Button pin, celebrating 🎇5 long years of being friends.📷 Snapping photos every so often so memories could be frozen in time.

imageimage If it wasn’t for me to take a leap of faith and trust my best friend . I would have never experienced it. He was so much fun to have around. My twin always told me”find you someone who enjoys things just as much as you do.” Kendrick definitely is that person, kind and sweet, some things I’m new to, but in due time it could be something worth every nervous feeling.

imageimageWe had Fiesta Tater tots from Pinocchio Village Haus, White Chocolate Rice Krispies from the Big Top, Cheshire tail from the Cheshire cafe, lunch in Tomorrowland at Auntie Gravity Galactic Goodies where Kendrick and I shared a Bacon-cheeseburger with fries, and plenty of water and other snacks we brought along. We went on a little ride called the Barnstormer next to then Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride in the Fantasy land .

Amazingly this year almost majority of my facebook friends wished me a Happy Birthday on my timeline, as well received some calls, which was nice to get that day, went swimming at the hotel for about an hour or two , then got ready for Dinner . I am such a Chinese head.. no matter where I go, which is what we had.

imageimageMy birthday this year was simply great, I am ready and eager to see the woman I will become six months from now. I am strong, brave, intelligent and very much loved by some amazing people. I know that there will be times, were I do not feel that my existence matter here on earth,or that maybe I am not pretty but I am human.


A little Magic


  It has been about 4 years since I got to walk the paths of Disney World Theme parks. It was a great at the first time, but this time I wanted to make sure I got to see everything without delay.  May 31st- June 2nd ,2018 I went to Disney World Theme Parks with my best friend Kendrick Tucker.  It Truly was magical.


   We started our Magical Journey at the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom. I actually got to see the entire park and it was so Beautiful. It was cloudy and very humid, but it was still a great experience.




Of course there was a $22 parking fee, which I was not aware of, but we later found out we only pay once a day as long as we have our pass or receipt to show at the window.  The parking lot was super huge!  Our first parking area was Goofy!  Kendrick went up to the entry window to pick up our passes which made it all too real. I was super excited to start the adventure around the Animal Kingdom.



There are tons of things to learn and do here at the Animal Kingdom, rides, structures, or become a Wilderness Explorer where you can earn 28- 30 different Badges completing tasks, or learning about different things.  Ken and I managed to complete about 16 of those badges. We learned so many different things, and meet some interesting Wilderness Explorer Mentors along the way.

The way the entire theme park was laid out structure wise was simply beautiful. I loved all the waterfalls and evergreens, as well as how they made each region come to life with plants, animals, and foods. 


My favorite part about the Animal Kingdom( as well as Ken’s) was  the most , is how the entire park is inspired by saving the entire earth and its creatures that live within it. We traveled to Rafiki’s Outpost by train of course to the Conservation Station. We’re we earned 4 of our badges , but also seeing how important recycling truly is, as well as making sure you do everything to save animals, how they have to sometimes do surgeries on these beautiful creatures because they sometimes eat things their not supposed to. Learning what animals eat, how they survive and sometimes how they use their talents for protections and cleanliness.




We got to take a picture with DOC MCSTUFFINS ❤ I found a New Love for her hahaha! “Time for your check up”DSCN0415

We shared some really yummy foods while we were here at the Animal Kingdom.  Mickey Ice cream, Mickey Pretzel,  Powerades, and cinnamon almonds

My favorite structures of the park were the Tree Of  Life which is located in the Center of the park, DSCN0286and the Pandora Section ( which was not done when I went there the first time). We did not get on any of the rides at the Animal Kingdom, due to the long lines which was my fault.. I don’t like waiting.. lol .


I am not sponsored or paid to make this post .. it was simply my own thoughts and experiences at the park. If you have the chance to go it is very much worth every penny!

Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

I’m Back!

It has been so long since I last made a blog entry… not even sure if I have followers or not.. but I am working on being more active on all my outlets… youtube is back on track, instagram is good,… facebook is good as well… so thank you for sticking with me ;D