Deep in thought pt3

Suppose to be sleep and the moment that i try to sleep my mind is ticking away with millions of questions. Heads pounding like someone being beating. I pray everything works in my favor but apparently negativity has spun its course. What’s the point of speaking about true feelings when it’s truly doesn’t freaking matter. It hasn’t been 50/50 on any level of the spectrum. Makin me feel like Bella as if something is seriously freaking wrong with me when all I do is be myself and be the best I can’t be. Maybe understand and truly know the meaning about my feelings and morals …maybe you should ask yourself if you really want to get yourself into a different world then your used to because this length your keep between is worse the shackles on a prisoner. Believe in what this is or leave it alone completely wether shit goes your way or not … Love conquers everything if that’s even what it is… Never question feelings or motives but the constant change in moods is seriously like whiplash. Warüm ist mein Hertz nicht fröh .. Du hast gesagt das du mich liebst ünd das habt ich geglaubt … Schade … Wishful thinking … #fromtheheart #feelings #deepinthought


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