Not New To It

It was something about his way he carried himself that got me intertwined in his webb that he spun from the jump. All I thought is Barry White has nothing on you, the voice of security and protection that you maintain had me all in.  Its a Gemini’s biggest weakness .. Alpha Male  with Dominant traits that makes things seem okay . Even though the feeling of you do not need anyone is a strong vibe that it given off 99.9% of the time. The caring and curiousity role had me thinking he was really down to earth and God-like, but even within that something mysterious about his stature made me uneasy. In a short time frame of knowing someone so real and upfront has its high and low points. Nothing real and worth having does not come without a severe strom, that you have to overcome first. In my time on earth, and being old enough to know what a relationship consists of, in his words “I’m not new to it i’m true to it” which is self explanatory. I find myself speaking like him, stiving every day to be a better individual not just because of him but as well because who I was yesterday was not all I strived to be. I never had a man make me weak in my knees where it was hard to think or speak. Times where his words are so cut throat, with no remose of how they escape from his lips. Conversations that actually give clarity to make our bond stronger which is something I treasure, never a disconnect between us. Deadly like Grim searching for souls to take captive to take to another world, where when they come back their not the same, but its a my curiousity like Persephone knowing that even in a pitch black room there is a reason to smile and see the light.

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