Deep in thought pt2

It’s crazy when you find yourself attracted to someone is somewhat of  an illusion. The way we feel and get infatuated with their existence that we loose the true meaning of what we need because we are so excited to have someone that we try hard to keep them, wether they  are ment to be kept.  I find myself falling for those kind of illusionary  beings that sometimes make me second guess myself. Anything that makes you second guess yourself is not a good thing. I have not yet mastered the stage of not giving into being told sweet nothings and enjoying being talked to like I’m nothing … It’s not okay at all … 

Love is a beautiful thing . When you allow those words to escapes your lips and the actions you display are legit but it’s still not enough. Never allow yourself to give up on the love you want  … Just some people need more love then others but sometimes  people have to be considerate of the others feelings 


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