Deep in thought 

I am trying not to be on this funk today! Like I have the cloud of loneliness covering my thinking space… Like how hard is it to be real to the one you care about? No relationship is perfect which I know this… But I truly rather be alone then be with someone who feels like they will never loose you! 😡it’s just madness. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t ever see what they are doing wrong or incapable of taking responsibility for the actions! I feel like I’m going to never know what love is due to  what I thought but did not do nothing but leave  me shattered! 💔I’m only 25 I know there more disappointments to come I’m prepared for that just hate that it’s always from the people I defend and protect the most. I can’t say “I LOVE YOU “ if it’s not going to define the same way that it sounds when you say it to me. I do not  consider myself a terrible mate I just know what I want and what I do not want. I will not  need someone who is insecure and gets jealous of every man who looks my way or says I’m sexy! I know my worth and my value words from anyone other then loved ones don’t mean shit to me. … If you do not  cherish what you have at home while it’s there do not get mad when it is  being treasured by someone else …. 💨just got a lot on my mind …

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