26 Days Of Being Thankful

Nov. 4

I am thankful for… my nieces nephews,cousins,aunts and uncles and grandparents! There is truly too many of y’all to tag or name but I love you all. Thankful for you all..very proud to call y’all family…

Nov. 5
I am thankful for every one who said I wouldn’t be nothing and those who do not believe in me. This is family friends and frenimies ..because of you I was forced to make a change. You have me the inspiration and determination to be better. To protective of myself and to prove you wrong. I know my worth as a person. I learned that you have no power over my life…and that I am super supportive of myself. Thank you for every single one who’s hurt me ,doubted me and said I wouldn’t be anything… this little black cat is doing big things

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