Another Blessed Sunday

Good Afternoon my Expressioners!!
Another day above ground that my creator has blessed me with. There are so many good and sad memories today that I’ve experienced due friends, or self.  Its been a very crazy couple of weeks since I came home from New Jersey( I was in New Jersey for an entire month). I’ve been filling out applications, working with this amazing football team Southwest Grave Diggers of the CFL under the ownership of Gregg Hinton, and focusing on my passion which is Graphic Design.

Today has been a blessing, last year today, two of my friends got married. They allowed me to Design their wedding invitations and other wedding needs.Happy Anniversary!!!They were so beautiful. Many friends are dealing with loss today.


For The Love Of Football
I have a meeting today with the Southwest Grave Diggers today at 3:30 pm, I must say that this is a dream ready to become reality. I’ve never imagined I would get this chance of a lifetime, only because its kind of like the saying “That doesn’t happen to people like me”.  Its truly been a blessing working for a local team , its so much to learn, from how to deal with many different personalities, due dates, constant improvement on my graphical skills as well as strengthen my leadership and teamwork skills. I enjoy being apart of uplifting organizations that make a difference. There is so much that a community can impact on its people that many do care to realize.


Glam Planning
I started a new obsession Glam planning! Yes I am on the Planner trend. July 24th, 2015, is when I received my Mambi 365 Happy Planner . I absolutely LOVE it!!! It definitely helps out with the staying organized. When you write something down 90% of the time you will remember it , versus when someone tells you something. I enjoy planning, and decorating which many say its therapeutic in a sense. I can agree to that, for me its relaxing and helps me maintain a better outlook on my weeks. I used to not pre-plan my life because I hated that my plans always go rescheduled but, now that I have a planner, it does help me place things and see where I have time and track it day by day. There are so many things that help you when having a planner. I truly am thankful for coming across this new hobby and I’ve met so many amazing people through the #planner community(due asking questions and receiving Planner Buddies!). There are so many helpful women out there that are kind, and sweet . The planner community grows larger every day but hundreds.


Oncers! Once Upon A Time comes on today!!!!
I’ve been a Oncer since the 2nd season, I had to go back and watch the entire 1st season and I am so in LOVE with this show!!! I love the fairytale/ Modern day characteristics that the writers game each character. This series is brilliantly written. I am very excited about Season 5!! Emma Swan being evil! Is just very interesting to watch unfold.



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